Maximizing Machine Efficiency with FactoryWiz Tablet Widgets Usage

9.3 How to Use the Tablet Widgets

Idle Reasons

When the machine enters an idle status, the operator should input an idle reason. See System Settings to force an operator to input a reason on status change. See Idle Reason Configuration to add Idle Reasons.

Current Idle Reason

Click on the CNC Status widget in Figure 76 to view a list of idle reasons.

If you want to set the Idle Reason quickly, you can add Idle Widgets direct to the Main View. See Idle Button Widgets.

Break Idle and Create New Reason

If the machine is already Idle, with a reason set, but you need to create a new reason from this point onwards, in the Idle Reason list select Save you previous idle reason and begin a new timer.

In Figure 7‑8 select Save you previous idle reason and begin a new timer then a new Idle Reason.

Set Missing Idle Reasons When Running

If you forgot to set a reason and now the machine is running, you can retrospectivity set them by clicking on the CNC Status widget.

In Figure 7‑9 click on the red pen edit icon to set a missing reason. A dropdown will appear.

Select the reason for that event and click the green plus icon to save.

Operator Login and Logout

To logout of the tablet at the end of shift, simply click on the operator name widget on the main view.

To login, if you are not forced to the operator login screen, click on the operator name widget. The default PIN is 000000 (six zeros).

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