Step-by-Step Guide for Configuring Moxa NPort 51xx Series - Wired Setup

Moxa Configuration-Wizard (Wired)

NPort 51xx Moxa Configuration

NPort Windows Driver Manager (WHQL certified) 

NPort Search Utility

Download current Moxa driver and firmware for your device (firmware may be out of date depending on supplier’s shelf life of product).

Accessing the GUI (graphic user interface) of the serial device using NPort Search Utility

  1. Plug Moxa unit into your network via an RJ45 Ethernet cable or connect it directly into your PC using an RJ45 Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug in power.  Wait for Ready LED to change from Red to Green.
  3. Start NPort Search Utility, then select Search.  Once the device has been located and the search function has stopped, select the device you wish to configure, and click on Console.
  4. Set the IP address, subnet and gateway accordingly. If the device is locked, unlock this with the password "moxa".


The first thing you should dois to upgrade the firmware.  Moxa may have shipped with an outdated firmware and must be updated before proceeding.  

I. Upgrading Firmware

  1. From Main Menu on Left Bar, Choose System Management, then Maintenance, then Firmware Upgrade.
  2. Browse to where you saved the firmware update you downloaded from
  3. Click Submit
  4. The unit will complete the firmware update then Reboot 
  5. After reboot, open Internet Explorer and enter the devices IP address to reopen the online configurations portal, proceed to log in with the default user name and password. 

II Assigning COM Ports

  1. Install Windows NPort Driver Manager from download listed above.
  2. Launch Nport Driver Manager
  3. Click Add (+)
  4. There are 2 ways to add the devices:  Select from a list, which requires searching for the Moxa devices over the network, but will only locate devices on the same subnet as the Server/PC, or Input Manually.  For ease of installation, choose Input Manually and follow instructions below.
  1. Select Input Manually, then type in the IP Address of the device you wish to add.



Do not change First Mapping Port information!

Only change Total ports if the Moxa unit has 2 ports installed on it.

Click on OK.

5. After clicking on OK, a new screen appears with the new com port number.

If you want to keep the com port that was automatically assigned to it, click Yes to activate the COM port, otherwise select No.  You will choose the COM port number you would perfer later. 

Repeat steps 3 thru 5 when adding additional ports.

After adding all the com ports, you will need to make additional changes to have the Moxa unit work with FactoryWiz DNC.
  1. Highlight all the added ports and right click on Settings.

7. From here, you could select a starting COM port number for all the devices entered (if you added more than 1, and you want them added in numerical order, by checking the Auto Enumerating COM Number for Selected Ports.

8. Select he Advanced Settings tab, and make the following changes:

9. Click OK to save the changes.

10.  Once again, highlight all ports, then click Apply to save the changes.

This will add the COM ports to your Server or PC.

You will not need to change NPort Operation Mode to Driver/Real COM Mode.  This is the default setting of the devices.

Click OK.

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