Mazak Ethernet Connectivity Guide: Identifying Compatible Controllers

Mazak Identification Guide

Mazak Ethernet Identification Guide

This document will help you identify Ethernet-ready Mazak controllers and any missing parts you may need to order for use with FactoryWiz Monitoring.

What generations of controllers support Ethernet communication?

  • Matrix controls  come equipped with native Ethernet connectivity 
  • For additional DPRINT data via the RS232 port, a SIIG USB to RS232 DB9 is required (see parts/price list)
  • Fusion Controls have RS232 for DPRINT and part program transfer (DNC) but need to confirm Ethernet Connectivity.  See further instructions below.
  • Older MAZAK controls such as M-Plus, T-Plus, M32, T32 and older, DO NOT support Ethernet connectivity and should be treated as legacy connections.

How do I identify if I have a Fusion 640 or Matrix controller?

These controllers are clearly labeled above the monitor screen.

Fusion 640 Controller

Matrix / Matrix 2 Controller

What else do I need to check?

If you have a Matrix controller, you are now done. All Matrix controllers have built in Ethernet ports. They do not need the card shown below or the card slot mentioned below. 

If you have a Fusion 640 controller

If your Fusion 640 controller is not already on your Ethernet network, you will need to purchase the Ethernet card and possibly the slot for the card as well. 

Photo of a PCMCIA Ethernet adapter:

Several brands of card are available. Yours may be a different brand. Whichever one Mazak sends you is fine.

Most importantly, it is critical that your CNC has the slot which is needed for this card. If the slot is not present, it can be ordered from Mazak along with the network card itself prior to your FactoryWiz installation. The slot is located behind the CNC’s monitor so you will need to open the front panel, open the plastic housing behind the monitor using the two tabs on the right-hand side, and check for the presence of the board which has the PCMCIA slot. Here is what it looks like when you open the cabinet and the board is NOT present:

Here is what it looks like when the board IS present:

Again - if you do not have this card slot, it is available from Mazak along with the Ethernet card itself.

If you have the slot, then you only need to order the PCMCIA Ethernet adapter from Mazak or RYM/FactoryWiz.

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