Setting Up Part-Count in Fanuc Controllers: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Configuring Part ID on Fanuc Controllers

Part Count Troubleshooting

How to configure Part-Count on Fanuc controllers

Some machines will run tool change and pallet change programs, which we are not interested in, we just want to know the PART ID, we can do this with a macro statement at the header of the machining program, you will need to find a spare variable, in this example we are using variable 600 inside program 1234 (sample program attached):

O1234(ST-1984 OP10)

In FactoryWiz we need to change a few settings:

Part ID Source Address = 600

This method also works well for pallet change machines running each pallet as subprograms.

How does this work?

FactoryWiz will get the value in variable 600. #4115 is the system variable of the current program number, in this case #600 is set to 1234. FactoryWiz then looks in the CNC memory (doesn't work with DS) for the name of program 1234, which in this case is ST-1984 OP10. FactoryWiz will then set the PART ID as ST-1984 OP10.


  1. Only works with CNC memory, not data servers.
  2. Comment must be on the same line as the O number
  3. Must use an O number on newer controls. <NAME> will not work.

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