Configuring Haas NGC for Enhanced DPRNT Part Name and Count Tracking

Haas NGC DPRNT Part Name and Part Count

For information on configuring the Haas and FactoryWiz with DPRNT, please see this KB Article.

Part Name

The default part name captured from the Haas NGC is the O number (example O01234). To capture something more meaningful, we can use DPRNT. Make sure DPRNT is configured and FactoryWiz machine settings:

-      Part ID Source:       None / DPRNT / Manual.

Part Count

If you have a machine looping with a M99, you might find the CNC resettable part count in FactoryWiz does not update as expected, this is a limitation of the control, to overcome this issue we use DPRNT. You will need to set FactoryWiz setting:

-      When should FactoryWiz mark a cycle as complete and begin a new cycle record?:      Manual
-      When watching a part counter or variable, should the amount of change set the Parts Per Cycle field in FactoryWiz?: False

You now need to DPRNT how many parts per cycle you are making and to increment the FactoryWiz count. To do this, add the following to the end of the CNC program, just before the M30 or M99.

DPRNT[PPC-4] (4 parts per cycle)

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