Resolving Haas NGC Connection Issues and Conducting DPRNT Tests

Troubleshooting Haas NGC Connection and DPRNT Test

This guide assumes you have setup the CNC settings and FactoryWiz in this KB Article.

Ping Test

We use a ping test to see if the server can see the Haas machine with its given IP address. In this example, our Haas has an IP of See how to set the Haas IP address.

  1. Open Command Prompt in windows.
  2. Type in: PING
  3. Hit enter

In this example we can see the machine as we received 4 replies from If you receive a reply from a different IP or get "No Reply" then your ping test has failed and you should contact your IT dept.

MDC and DPRNT Test

To test that we have a connection and data on the two TCP ports (in this example MDC: 8000 and 8001: DPRNT), we use Telnet in Command Prompt.

To test this:
  1. Open command prompt
  2. Type in: TELNET 8001 (TELNET space IP space PORT NUMBER)
  3. Hit enter
If successful, when you run a DPRNT test program or if FactoryWiz is sending MDC commands to the machine, you will see a stream of data. In the image above the connection failed. This could be due to CNC settings 261, 263 or the firewall blocking these ports.

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