Part Counts on Fanuc CNC Machines

Fanuc Part Count

Determining part counts for Fanuc machines

Standard Machines (not looping the program)

Fanuc machines will either part count on M30/M02 or a custom M code specified.

To enable the machine to count on and M30/M02 parameter 6700#0(PCM) must be 0. If this parameter is set to 1, then it will count when the M code in parameter 6710 is programmed. If set to 1 then you will need to add this M code to end of the CNC program before the M30.

Machines that loop with M99

If your programs loop and param 6700#0 = 0 then we can use a macro to increment the Fanuc part count.

#3901 = #3901 + 1.

#3901 is the system variable for the part counter. In the example above it is incremented by 1. If you wish to increment by more, then you can change the 1 to the number of parts made that cycle.

If parameter 6700#0 = 1 then you will need to put the M code in parameter 6710 in the line before the M99.
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