Fadal Configuration Document

Fadal Configuration Document

CNC Parameters

You will need to verify all parameters listed below that correspond to your CNC control.  These parameters may not match your particular machine‚Äôs control.  Document (Phone camera) original settings before making modifications!

CD,8 changes Baud Rate to 9600.

FactoryWiz DNC Settings

Basic Communication

1.01- Port Type: Standard

1.11- Baud: 9600

1.12- Data Bits: 7

1.13- ASCII Even

1.14- Stop Bits: 1

1.15- Handshake: XON/XOFF

Sending Options

2.11- Leader: %<10>

2.12- Trailer: %

2.23- Skip lines that contain: %

2.31- Automatic timeout: 7

Receiving Options

3.11- Program identifier 1: O

3.12- Program Identifier 2: 

3.21- Receive timeout: 3

3.31- Ignore data before first end-of-block: True

3.32- Ignore data after last end-of-block: True

3.35- Ignore Fadal checksum: True

Remote Commands

4.02- Request for file command: GET-

4.03- Request for file command (drip feed): DNC-

4:11- Request to save command: PUT-

Additional Notes

Changing default baud rate parameters:

To change the default baud rate parameter, type in SETP.

This will bring up the default parameters.

Cursor to the Baud rate section.

Select the default baud rate you would like when machine powers up.  An * will show the default setting.

Outputting CNC Programs:

PU,2 will output the active program.

Other Output options for CNC Programs:

** PU,0 will output the active program and tooling data.

PU,1 will output the tool data only.

PU,3 will output all programs in memory.

PU,4 will output parameters and backlash.

** Do not use PU,0 when saving programs and then sending program to different Fadal controls.  This will cause you to redo all tool offset settings.

Inputting CNC Programs:

TA,1 will load the program from the RS232 port into active memory.

Other Commands:

PR brings up the program menu. (create, delete, select, directory)
PR,xxxx brings up program xxxx. (for example, PR,1234 opens program 1234)
PA brings up the page editor with the active program.

Wiring Diagram

Pinout includes RTS/CTS Handshaking

DB-9 com port

Wire color






2 (Receive Data)


2 (Transmit Data)

3 (Transmit Data)


3 (Receive Data)

5 (Signal Ground)


7 (Signal Ground)

7 (RTS)


5 (CTS)

8 (CTS)


4 (RTS)

6 (DSR)

8 (DCD)

20 (DTR)