Configuring Brother C00 CNC Machines for Efficient Monitoring

Add machine - Brother C00 CNC Monitoring Configuration

How to add machine - Brother C00 CNC Monitoring Configuration

Applicable to the C Series.

FactoryWiz Settings
  1. Login as an Admin
  3. ADD
  4. Input the name of the machine 
  5. Set the machine type to Brother
  6. Set the IP address, Brother Type and Port Number (set below, normally 10000)
  7. Save.
  9. Increase the Brother license allocation accordingly and save

CNC Settings

To access the Ethernet settings page, put the machine into EDIT mode.

Press: DATA BANK > 6. Communication Parameters > Ethernet / FTP

Reset Slave = 1
Data Overwrite = 1
Remote Operation = 1
Display Slave Alarm = 0
Use DHCP = 0
IP Address = Set the ip here *
Subnet = Your subnet *
Gateway = Set if required *
Port No = 10000
Restrict Ethernet Access = 0 (not on all controls)

Press Completion Mode > Exit w/change to save the changes. 
Restart the control.

* When you enter an IP address you do not enter the point and you must enter leading zeros, for example: IP address is entered as 192168000050

These settings can also be set for customers using FactoryWiz MTConnect on a Brother control.

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