Efficiently Manage & Group Machines in FactoryWiz

8.8 Machine Groups

On the Machine Groups page, you can view a list of current machine groups, add new, and delete machine groups.  For purposes of reporting and filtering machines, you may predefine groups of CNCs to allow for the quick selection of a subset of CNCs.  The same machine can be defined in multiple groups.  From this page you may create a new group, edit an existing group, delete a group. 

Click the Add New Machine Group button in the upper left corner. 

A pop up will be displayed allowing you to enter a group name and select which machines will belong to that group.  Save, and it will appear in the list of machine groups. 

Edit Machine Group

You can edit each machine group in the pane to the right of each machine group name.  Make any necessary modifications and they are saved automatically.

You can Delete a machine group in the pane to the right of each machine group name.  Click the Delete this Machine Group button to remove that group from the list.

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