Advanced PMC Bits Monitoring with FactoryWiz

8.7.16 PMC Bits (Advanced)

You may use the PMC Bits (ADVANCED) section to watch for and respond to changes to PMC bits.

Add PMC Bits Watch

Click Add to bring up the Add PMC Bit Watch window shown in Error! Reference source not found..

Enter the address of the PMC bit you wish to watch in the Bit Address text box.

Enter a description of the bit in the Description text box.

Next, select one of the Trigger Type options from the drop-down list, shown in Error! Reference source not found..

You may choose to:

  1. trigger an action for Any Change to the PMC Bit.
  2. Disable the bit watch, in which case FactoryWiz™ Monitoring will not take any action based on the value of this PMC Bit.
  3. take action if the selected bit Turns On.
  4. or take action if the selected bit Turns Off.

You may also choose to set a delay, in which case, FactoryWiz™ Monitoring will only take action if the PMC bit change persists for the number of minutes you specify in the Minutes Before Action field. If you have selected a Turns Off trigger and set the Delay to five minutes, for example, FactoryWiz™ Monitoring will only take action if this PMC bit is turned off for more than five minutes.  Setting this field to 0 will cause the action to be taken immediately.

Finally, select an option from the PMC Bit Watch Action Drop-Down list.

You may choose what happens when a change to this PMC Bit triggers FactoryWiz™ Monitoring.  You can have FactoryWiz™ Monitoring do nothing, send an email notification and/or log the change. You may need to configure a new email list to ensure that the notification goes to the proper recipient(s). See Mailing Lists for instructions on creating and editing mail lists.

The settings shown in this example will cause FactoryWiz™ Monitoring to watch PMC Bit X3.0, which is the Edit Lock Key. If that bit turns on, FactoryWiz™ Monitoring will immediately send a notification message to the recipients of email 1.

When you have finished configuring your PMC bit watch settings, click save to save the settings and return to the Machine Configuration window.

You will see a summary of the settings you just configured in the PMC Bits (ADVANCED) section.

Edit PMC Bits Watch

Click the Edit button next to the PMC Bit Watch you wish to change to bring up the Edit PMC Bit Watch window.

Make the necessary changes and click Save to save the changes and return to the Machine Configuration window.

Delete PMC Bits Watch

Click the Delete button next to the PMC Bit Watch you wish to delete.  Confirm the deletion, and you will be returned to the Machine Configuration window.

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