Managing Machine Data with Data Entry - Current State

7.1 Data Entry - Current State

The Data Entry screen is where you can alter the current state of certain variables per machine.  When you arrive at the Data Entry screen by using the left side menu, the page will display all available machines.  Click on a machine to see information about that machine.  Please note that the machine is already selected if you arrive at any Data Entry screens via alternate methods.   You can quickly and easily change between machines by using the navigation menu at the top.  The machine name is now a drop-down menu.

Normally this information should be input by the operator tablet or taken from an ERP system using the API.
The Data Entry screens are available to provide the ability to manually override certain variables of a machine's current state if needed.

The data fields on this page are updated as you change them. There is no overall Save button. Once a change has been made and saved, it sets the current information and future data until changed. It does not alter previous / historical data. See History to change historical data.

Details about the information displayed for each machine are shown in the following sections.

Part ID

The Part ID is normally direct from the machine. If you are looking to capture the operation number, this should be included with the Part Id with a space before: BG1984 OP20.


This is the current Job or Works Order Number

Job Op

This is the current Job Op Number


This is the Current batch number

Batch Quantity

How many parts are required to be produced for this part. When set, the batch progress bar will be displayed on the List View screen. Number only.


This is the current operator assigned to this machine. To configure this drop down see Machine Operators.


This is the mode of the machine (Production / Setup / Maintenance), it is not an idle reason. To configure this drop down see Machine Modes.

Idle Reason

The current idle reason. Only applicable if the machine is not in a running status. To configure this drop down see Idle Reason Configuration.

Parts Per Cycle

Sets the number of parts produced each cycle is completed. This is only applicable if setting [PART COUNT SETS PARTS PER CYCLE] is set to false, else it is set automatically by the machine part counter.

Custom Text 1 thru Custom Text 9

Allows the user to store custom text (string) data. Length of 255 characters.

Custom Integer

Allows the user to store custom whole number (Integer) data.

Custom Decimal

Allows the user to store custom number (Decimal) data.

Unavail Reason

Why the machine is unavailable for production.

Ref Runtime

Expected running time in seconds per cycle (not part). Input as a whole number. On Fanuc machines this can be taken from a macro variable in the CNC. Preferred method to set this is ERP.

Ref Idle Time

Expected idle time in seconds per cycle (not part). Input as a whole number. On Fanuc machines this can be taken from a macro variable in the CNC. Preferred method to set this is ERP.

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